Antistatic Cementitious Steel Panel

Introduction of Products

The floor used two layers of choice cold-rolled steel sheets. The lower hydraulic-stretched sheet is connected with the upper sheet through high-frequency programmed full-auto butt-welding at the highest point of the formed nest-like center. After de-oiled and phosphor aid it is sprayed with matt epoxy resin powder on the surface and filled with foaming cement in the middle. The surface of the floor is posted with hpl high pressing laminate or pe antistatic renew andglued with pvc conductive trim around.


• Full steel structure, high-quality light weight cement in filled.
• Panel surface is painted electrostatically with conductive epoxy resin;
• Lock hole in four corners to make the whole system rigid;
• Adjustable height for pedestal (applied patent), assembly agility,
large wire good exchange ability.
• High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life.

Technical Specification